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ADMIN Event Table

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Administration access.

This page is for office staff ONLY. All links here lead to password logins. In this demo system you can use ID= admindem password= demo99 to login and manage the system.
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Welcome Staff!

It is suggested that you open both the admin pages and login. Then you can leave them open on the task bar and simply access which ever table you wish to modify.
The event table uses full day calls e.g. "Wednesday 20th." Whereas the regular table uses day only calls "Wednesday."

Remember that the Regular bookings are automatically generated into Event bookings 15 days forward. So any new regular booking takes effect in a fortnights time.
Should the client wish to play in this fortnight then casual bookings will have to be made. This is done to ensure that there is no conflict between a new regular booking and casual bookings already made.

The page presented for the administration of the event table (demoadmin.pl) shows every booking in an active input box. The effect of this is that the administrator can add or change any booking directly in any cell and then just click on the "add or Change" button for the page and the database to be updated. Also the buttons and input boxes are repeated down the page to minimize the amount of scrolling required.

Because the data tables are maintained dynamically (at the web site) the administrator competes with all clients to claim any free court time. Therefore the administrator must check dynamically that space is available before he/she claims a booking space. The administrator can overwrite existing bookings as required but a client cannot.

The administrators procedure should always be: Choose a day and click "Show Bookings". (Dynamically shows the available courts). Add any bookings and click "Add or Change". (This reserves the court). Make any alterations (rubber and pencil work) and click on "Add or Change" to put the changes into effect. Lastly use the boxes (to the left of the delete button) and then click "Delete Booking" to make any required deletes and therefore leave that court available for clients to claim.

This system is the brainchild of David from A to Z Computer Solutions Ltd and may well be adapted for other reservation work. There is no capital cost involved just a nominal per booking fee. So if you are connected with any organizations needing this type of facility then please contact David.
A to Z Computer Solutions Ltd. 2002