Beginners help.

If you are new to computers and the look of MS windows this page will smooth the way and teach you some tricks that are common to all windows applications. People in this condition are known as "Newbies".

If you are not a newbie it is doubtful that you need to read this.

List boxes are used to enable you to make a selection from a list. When you click (left mouse click once) on the down arrow, the list appears.
If the list is longer than the box a scoll bar appears on the right hand edge of the box. This scroll bar behaves axactly the same as the scroll bar on the right and maybe the bottom of most pages.
A scroll bar has four control mecanisims.
1.) Drag the scroll bar button up or down by pointing at the button hold the left mouse button and move the mouse down or up. When the scroll bar button is at the bottom you are at the end of the list or page.
Try it now with the scroll bar on the right hand side of this page.
2.) The scroll bars "down arrow" will scroll the page one line for each mouse click.
3.) The scroll bars "up arrow" will return the page one line for each mouse click. Holding the left mouse button down while pointing at these arrows will give you continuous scrolling.
4.) If you click on the scroll bar between the button and "down arrow" you will advance the list or page a full view. Similar to the page down and page up keys when viewing text.

Making the selection is simply a matter of point and click. The list will close and leave your selection shown in the listbox. As shown in the which Lodge listbox above we have chosen Whakapapa.