Detailed help.

To get a live result we create an Event Table (database file) that holds the members code, dates and which bunk to sleep on. To ensure that only club members use the event table club members must become users with a UserName, password and email address. So club members must "become a member" before they can make a booking.
A.) Click on the navigation link (“Become a member”) in the left column.
B.) Fill in the boxes of the form that appears. The form describes the purpose of each box with helpful comments in the right hand column.
IF you do NOT have an email address please use ""
C.) Make a note of your chosen UserName and password for future use. It is strongly recommended that you use "FirstName space LastName_first_letter" for your UserName. Thus I am "David N" Harry is "Harry S" etc.
D.) Click the submit button.
E.) Should you receive any error messages, please read them carefully and use your browser back button to return to the form. Correct the errors, fill in the password boxes before submitting the form.
To keep security any person attempting to alter the booking files is requested to login first. This simply requires you to provide your UserName and Password as you enter the booking system.
Our aim is to stop hackers and still make this on-line booking system club member friendly.
A.) Click on the navigation link (“Members make or delete a Booking”) in the left column.
B.) Login by filling in the boxes and clicking the Login Button.
The top part of the new page identifies the Demo Ski Club and you (the logged in member). The middle part: four buttons and 10 boxes is where you action, your desired booking. The bottom part is the booking calendar as they were at the moment you clicked on the show bookings button. (Please note: if you stay logged on for a lengthy time, it is possible for others to make bookings that are invisible to you. Correct this by repeating C. and D. below.)
Your member type and current Credit Balance are shown at the top of the screen. You cannot make an on-line booking whose cost exceeds this balance. Here in the DEMO you simply put a payment figure in the box and click the "Make Payment" button. IF you attempt a booking short of credit, you will have to come back here, make a payment and repeat steps C to K to make the booking.
In a live working system will handle your credit card payment report back to this booking system immediately and sent payment to your ski club.
C.) So select a week to view (top right hand box) by clicking on the DownArrow to the right of the box then click on that day (as the beginning of the week to view.).
D.) Click the “Show bookings” button to bring the booking schedule up to date at that particular moment.)
E.) Scroll down the page and view the booking calendar. Choose the night(s) and bunk # on which you wish to make a booking.
F.) Scroll up to action boxes.
G.) Select the first night by clicking on the DownArrow to the right of the box and scrolling the box to find your night then click on that night.
H.) Select the last night by clicking on the DownArrow to the right of the box and clicking on your choice in the drop down box.
Remember if you are leaving Sunday afternoon your last night was Saturday.
I.) As this is a simple booking for yourself leave the top two boxes (mem #, guest code) empty. J.) Fill in the remaining boxes. If you make any errors you will be prompted to correct them. In fact in this DEMO you should make errors simply to see how the script responds. K.) Click on the "Submit Booking" button. Your booking is now completed. If you wish to make another booking just repeat steps C. to K.
Same as making a booking except that you can only delete your own bookings.
A.) Scroll to the action boxes.
B.) Select the night(s) you wish to delete.
C.) Select the bunk # and all other info you wish to delete.
D.) Click on “Delete Booking”.
The system is set up to apply the club rules so some delete functions are not available on-line. When you make a booking it is understood that you carry the risk of bad weather not the club. You are welcome to make deletions at any time but such deletion does NOT GUARANTEE a REFUND. If the deletion is refused OR the refund does not show up in your available credit immediately please fax the booking officer your request. The booking system runs a transaction history file so every completed transaction (Payment, Booking, Deletion) is recorded.
To book in a guest. Put a code in the guest code box, select non member and make the booking as usual. Please remember that you must accompany a guest for the duration of their stay.
If your stay straddles two weeks (as seen the day you are booking) simply make two booking calendar.
Special bookings (e.g. School Holidays) more than 4 weeks in advance should be done by snail mail.
Mid-night rolls over a new day. 40 or 50 people may want 32 places. A booking for the week-end FRI-SAT four weeks hence is available at midnight FRI.
Provision has been made to record Wait Listing requests. Given a full hut a cancellation will invoke a search of the wait list until request matches the vacancy. Wait list will then be updated and booking completed. Member will be advised by email should they be successful in gaining a reservation. WARNING: If you cannot make use of a booking do not stay on the waiting list. You have wasted your money if you do not use a booking made from the waiting list less than 7 days prior to the reservation.
Every midnight brings another nights bookings into view and available to fill. Weeks start every 7 days from today (select a week box) but the display is eight days. This is done to ensure that a Fri-Sat combination is always available.
The screen refreshes each time you click on an action button and the action you requested is posted immediately to the booking calendar.
At the bottom of the booking calendar is a list of all your current bookings.
Just like any other browser page it can be printed.
Or a selection (typically the booking calendar only) can be printed by shading it and choosing Print from the file menu (top left click File, click Print) and then choosing 'Print the Selection'.
If you are on the midnight Friday starting block for a booking four week-ends hence make sure you have completed any payments necessary to give you sufficient credit well before midnight.
If you have any trouble using these instructions please let me know. Feedback is the only way that we can get a useful system for all.
Thanks Feedback to
David G. Nairn.
P.S. You may like to print this page and tick off the steps.